Since 1982, when I made the full transition from the CPA world of taxes and audits to dispensing money advice on local and national television news, I have indeed been privileged. Within a few months I was visiting Sir John Templeton (one-on-one) at his home in the Bahamas, chatting with my new friend Louis Rukeyser in-person, sitting next to Barbara Walters on TV at ABC in New York, even having dinner with Evel Knievel, flying Vanna White around in my private plane, then appearing on the Home Shopping Network with Mickey Mantle!

This level of fame has given me access to the brightest money-minds in the country – not only the genuinely wonderful stock pickers but personal finance experts who can show us how to buy or lease our next car correctly, shuffle us away from a foreclosure, or advise us on a thousand other topics. In other words, I know who the ‘real deal’ people are because I have ‘vetted’ them through thousands of television and radio interviews.

So now I’ll apply some of this knowledge and access to figuring out what lies ahead during the next twelve months, and what courses of action to take. Let’s take a look at the TOP TEN 2014 REALTIES.

Obamacare will continue to upset and impact lives. For years, members of my family were plagued with “pre-existing conditions” problems.

We got around this through group health programs that side-stepped it all. That’s the good news – now access to health insurance is virtually guaranteed as long as we have the money, and don’t mind too much about paying more. For many, subsidies (that look more like Medicaid) will offset the enormous growing costs as long as their incomes are low.

Quantitative Easing means that the Federal Reserve has been pumping $75 billion monthly into the monetary system

Still, as long as interest rates are super low with ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy), the stock market will at least hold its own. Expect an adjustment or even a correction of 5% to 10% downward action before 5/1/14.

Jobs are in a terrible state in the land of Uncle Sam.

Wage rates are generally lack-luster, and the people getting good jobs have both key skills and much experience. Remedies? Going back to school, changing occupations (the medical, health care and CPA-financial planning areas are still doing okay for example), moving to a different state (Texas is still a job-haven), and finding positive ways to stand-out as a job candidate, are just a few key strategies – and having a positive attitude in tough times.

Going For Higher Yields is one strategy I love and believe in.

Bryan Perry is the expert here from Cash Machine as he shows us how to diversify in key areas while we’re blending stock dividend yields that pay from 5% to an amazing 20%. 8% to 12% seems to be the true sweet spot. Everyone should consider adding some of the best stocks in this ‘space’ into their portfolio to generate a 10% or so blended yield. In a market correction, these stocks can hold up the longest as people do not want to ditch the super above-average cash flow that comes from these quarterly or even monthly dividends.

Robotics And The Singularity are racing towards us fast.

Smaller chips and the digital age have finally made robots available on the ‘micro’ level meaning uses in our homes and workplaces. One example: business phones no longer being answered by humans. GOOGLE the “singularity” and read all about your future. Glenn Beck is harping about this on the radio but you’ll have to decide for yourself how this might impact yourself or your business. It is on its way – heading towards us.

Trends Research is worth subscribing to.

I have known founder Gerald Celente for more than 30 years, and he is my friend. He’s also the very best (and his large staff of experts) on predicting the world we’ll be living in 3, 5 and 10 years – he has truly proven that via his myriad of predictions coming true! If you own a business, are in management and want to “dodge the bullets” that will be coming at us, by all means subscribe. Part of his strategy is to stockpile GOLD; I believe that he’s right-on!

Guns, Guns, Guns are still in the picture.

I learned how to shoot well at an early age (11 or 12), and earned double expert badges in the U.S. Army’s Military Police school. Americans are afraid, so even folks who have formerly eschewed guns are now learning to shoot to protect themselves and their families. DO NOT buy a handgun unless you’re going to use it safely, store it safely, and stay within the law. Where I live, in Florida, something like a million people have their “Concealed Carry” permits – many of them women. Americans are going to contimue to ‘arm themselves up’ with guns and ammo. This is a personal decision but even a 12 gauge shotgun can be a wonderful deterrent if bad guys come-a-knocking on your front door, back door or bedroom window. And these are legal in most places…the most powerful gun of all with buckshot or slugs.

Savings Plans are essential.

Most Americans, sadly, cannot put their hands on even $5,000.00. We are not liquid at all as a society, and we could all sleep better at night by being liquid with ready access to thousands of $$$ in cash. When disasters strike, including illness, divorce, job loss or any calamity, savings can be wiped out quickly. So it is not six months of income to save up – it is rather two years! Too many of us SAVE to SPEND! This is the wrong way. If saving goes against your natural grain then spend some money every week on SILVER and GOLD coins!

Considering No-Load Drip Investing can be a very wise part of any savings program and Nest Egg building.

Go to dripinvestor.com and learn how to buy stocks directly from the companies themselves as explained by my friend Chuck Carlson. This can work well even for the most hardened of “non-savers”! You will be into “equities” (as they say) and long-term stock market investing, month-in and month-out even with small dollars per month – that’s okay! Do it!

Newsletters Can Be A Wonderful Thing and I would begin with the FREE ones

yes there are free newsletters. I trust these people and you should too!

John Dessauer
visit DessauerInvestments.com and sign up for John’s free monthly letter – it’s a good one!

Jim Farrish
visit JimsNotes.com and register. Once you see how wonderful Jim and his staff are (from Sector Exchange) and the world of ETF investing, you’ll want to subscribe to the entire enchilada! The basic ‘jimsnotes’ deal, however, is no-charge & daily.

Bryan Perry is the expert I mentioned in Item #4. Visit this web site: CashMachineIncome.com and sign up for only $49 per year. You will enjoy Bryan’s expertise in this special corner of investing for yields higher than most people even know exist.

Louis Navellier is one of the best stock-pickers in the universe with an amazingly powerful track record. Go to this web site: NavellierGrowth.com and get the whole darn year for $149. Use Louis’ Portfolio Grader; next review his TOP 5 Picks to be a happy camper by narrowing down the universe of possibilities.

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ALERT: This is a major money-making opportunity that comes down the pike rarely. So take advantage and heed my advice! We have seen the prices of gold and silver declining… and even the profitable gold and silver stocks too…with NO good fundamental reasons. Base metals are holding their own. Stocks investing in such gold, silver and base metals resource companies (including iron ore, zinc and lead copper, etc.) present major buying opportunities right now. First of all with gold and silver: Money is flowing into stocks because markets are rising due to “The FED” pumping money into the economy in unprecedented weekly amounts. The $75 billion in “new money” each month is propping up the large money center banks and the Fortune 1000 corporations. This amounts to nearly $3 Billion daily (2,500 million dollars/day) adding to the stock market’s rise. With money flowing away from Gold/Silver – into other stocks, the price of these metals and the stocks that develop and produce these precious metals resources are declining. APPLE is one example: we see how fast tech stocks can get ahead of themselves based upon hype and a “follow the herd” mentality – and how fast they can unravel and stay down in price. One such dramatic mistake can wreck your entire portfolio for the year. Tighter stop-losses should have been set. The warning signs were there–including the demise of Mr. Gates. This dramatic bull market will probably end soon. Inflation and the devaluation of the dollar is heading our way fast. No one can say when the bad news might hit about U.S. credit rating declines, and the inability of Uncle Sam to pay the interest on the mounting debt when rates begin to rise – and they might rise more sharply and sooner than you think. This bad news lies in our future as most can comprehend. Unemployment is NOT getting fixed; the housing market is not coming back and small businesses, the nation’s life blood, are failing and flailing in record numbers.

Therefore, one of the greatest opportunities today arises with junior gold and silver stocks – and I believe that the base metals stocks will also march in step because of worldwide demand for these metals…increasing demand from Asia with tightening supplies in most cases. Focus on precious metals stocks that have (1) growing revenues, (2) growing net incomes and cash flows, and (3) growing resources for increased production opportunities 5 to 25 years down the road. Invest only in the best. Look for gold and silver stocks such as CRJ and MXOM to be huge growth and value plays – and valuable ‘feathers’ in your profitable investing nest. These stocks will represent doubles, triples or better during the next 24 months – beating the overall market indexes and most stocks. Stocks like CRJ have been pushed down artificially -meaning with no good reason fundamentally – and can rocket higher when current sentiments reverse. Resource stocks like SWN.V represent huge base metals holdings, and are also long-term “Buy and Hold” situations. These are pure value plays now.

This situation presents one of the most significant upside opportunities that I have witnessed in my 35 years as a financial journalist. Following the herd mentality right now is foolhardy. Include precious metals and resource stocks now by taking a “contrarian” viewpoint. Many large companies are buying back their own shares with stockpiled cash and low-rate bond offerings… this boosts “Earnings Per Share” numbers. Big banks are buying more stocks with cheap “FED” money instead of loaning to small businesses and consumers. The pendulum will swing the other way because $85 Billion/Month in printing dollars will not last forever. We are proud to include such metals stocks in our “Investors’ Showcase” on American Scene Radio. We have completed our “due diligence” on these companies and stocks – well, now it is time for you to do so. Always investigate before you invest. Right now, we are “vetting” several other growth and value plays in the gold and silver production stock areas, and will be announcing them as they happen, and as they join our Investors’ Showcase. More March-April advice: On all stock holdings, set tighter stop-losses along the lines recommended within the ‘CAN SLIM’ method promulgated by Bill O’Neil and his best-selling book: HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN STOCKS. It’s the smart play.
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